Everyone needs a little Magick in their life.

Beltane Blessings to you all! Join our next Live Group Spell on May 1st-"The Beltane Weave of Wishes spell"! Blessed New Moon in Taurus on May 7th! We love you all!
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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the Spell Casting Club?
  2. How much does it cost?
  3. How do I know this stuff really works?
  4. What do I get as a student of the Spell Casting Club?
  5. Can you cast a spell for me?
  6. When will the Spell Casting Club accept new members again?

What is the Spell Casting Club?

The "Spell Casting Club" is a place for my students to receive continual monthly high-quality training on a wide variety of Magick and Spell Casting topics. Plus, it is the best place to stay connected with me and my latest discoveries, along with thousands of my other students from around the world.

Depending on the membership option you choose, every month you will receive high-quality COLOR Spell Casting Club newsletters, videos and checklists of my newest spells (3-6 new ones every month), Magickal tutorials on a variety of topics including divination, scrying, holiday-specific rituals, group spells, and more.

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How much does it cost?

The Spell Casting Club has various membership levels at different prices. However, it is closed to the general public. Only existing students of Rose Ariadne's Magickal teachings can join - and only when it is open for new members. If you haven't yet taken Rose's "Magick Ability Test" it is a great place to get familiar with her teachings. You can access it here: Rose Ariadne's Magick Ability Test.

If you qualify, you'll eventually receive an invite to join the Spell Casting Club when it opens up for new members. (A few times per year.)

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How do I know this stuff really works?

I can't begin to tell you how many times I have been asked this question. It is usually asked by people that really want to believe in Magick, and the miracles it can bring into their lives… but they just aren’t sure it is for real.

I never try to “convince” anyone of anything. All I can do is talk about my beliefs, and what I know to be true for myself (and others who agree).

The frustratingly REAL answer is: YES, and NO. :)

It works for some people, and for other people it doesn't.

It really is all about understanding the secret of tapping into the river of Magick energy within (and around) yourself – and focusing it to achieve the miracles you desire.

Whether you believe it is a “faith based” phenomenon or has a basis in “science” with things like quantum physics – the reality is, we ALL have the ability to awaken our inner Magick, and use it to make our lives better (and the lives of our loved ones).

But Magick only "works" if YOU "work", by following a plan of BELIEF, DESIRE, and PRACTICE. That is what I hope to give all of my students, I clear path to Magick that actually brings results.

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What do I get as a student of the Spell Casting Club?

You'll receive FULL DETAILS about exactly what you will receive as a Spell Casting Club student when I open the doors. We are constantly adding new features, but at the time of this writing, EACH MONTH students receive:

(1) Magickal training videos on a variety of topics including divination, scrying, potions, Magickal tools, Magick herbs, and more.

(2) The "Spells of the Month" which include brand new original Rose Ariadne spells covering Love, Money, Protection, Luck, and any other desire you can imagine. Each spell includes a high quality color PDF with illustrations of each step, high resolution images, an audio walking you through the steps, and a high quality video you can follow along with as we perform the spell.

(3) The Monthly Spell Casting Club newsletter for students ONLY. This is a high quality, full color PDF filling with Magickal tips and tricks related to the spells and Magickal techniques of the month, along with my little words of Magickal Wisdom.

(4) The "Magickal Mystery Of The Month" section which will include a special video training and PDF related to any holidays, moon phases, current events of the month. There are several levels of membership that include these Spell Casting Club benefits in various combinations.

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Can you cast a spell for me?

I do not cast spells for other people. I have a strong belief that you an do FAR more powerful Magick for yourself than anybody else can do for you... including me. :)

You see, magick spells are powered by belief, emotion, and intention. Belief and emotion are the "fuel" that power the spell...and intention is the "steering wheel" that guides the energy to bring back the desired results.

When you take a little time to get in touch with the Magick energy inside yourself...and take very specific steps to use that energy to accomplish certain things in your life, you'll be amazed by how life changes, and how well your spells can really work.

This is truly what I want for all of my students.

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When will the Spell Casting Club accept new members again?

The Spell Casting Club opens up for new students an average of 4 times per year. I will accept new students only when spots open up, and I only accept a limited amount of students at a time because it takes time and energy to support the needs of each student. I want to make sure each student has a high quality experience and actually USES the Magickal training I provide. If you've taken the Magickal Ability test, you'll be informed the next time I open it up for new students. If you haven't take the Magickal Ability test, please do so here: Rose Ariadne's Magick Ability Test

IMPORTANT: I receive many "urgent requests" to join the Spell Casting Club before doors officially open. I do occassionally honor those requests if I have a spot available, and if there's a valid immediate need to join. If this is "you", you can fill out this application to see if there's 1 spot available for you, AND to see if you'll be accepted as a student based on your application. Click here to apply for Spell Casting Club membership before our next registration period.

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